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Clock day I love you....

2007-08-15 09:07:52 by cinderfoot

Well, I like my submission for this year's clockday more than last... as of this moment it has a 3.86! I know this isn't completely because of the work I did, but I do want to give myself at least a little pat on the back for what I did do. Maybe next year I'll come out with one that actually takes me a few months...
With multi-playable characters, of course. And tag team. We must have tag-team. It's unfortunate in my eyes that this will probably be my highest scoring flash for a while, even though things that I put out like Fizzle, Sports Game and Pong Adventure will actually DRAG DOWN my batting average even though they are much more than this in terms of effort.

Oh well...

Welcome to the Cinderfoot Productions gaming line, Clockday Fighter!


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